eWorkbook FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions about the Global eWorkbook.

1. What are the minimum system requirements to use the eWorkbook?

– Windows

Pentium 4 (2GHz +), 2GB free space on Hard Drive, 1GB RAM, 32MB Video Ram, DVD Drive, Windows XP SP2/Vista/Windows 7, Internet Connection (for registration and updates).

– Mac

Core Duo (1.33GHz +), 2GB free space on Hard Drive, 1GB RAM, 32MB Video Ram, DVD Drive, Mac OS X 10.4 +, Internet Connection (for registration and updates).

2. Do I need to be online to use the eWorkbook?

No. You will need an internet connection to register the product when you install, and also to download any updates. However to use the eWorkbook you do not need an internet connection (except if you wish to access the Macmillan Online Dictionary at any point).

3. Do I need to have the DVD in the drive to use the eWorkbook?

No. The complete program is copied to your hard drive when you install the product. For subsequent uses you will not need to have the disc in the drive. We recommend keeping the disc safe though, in case you need to re-install at any point.

4. Installation Issues

There is a known problem with Pre-intermediate v1.0. If you have Pre-intermediate, please check the version number on the disc. If you have v1.0, please request the updated version 1.1 from your sales representative.

For versions other than Pre-intermediate v1.0, if the installation is not completing, please follow these steps:

1. Using Add / Remove Programs, uninstall both Global eWorkbook, and Adobe AIR from your computer. This should remove all installed files, but to ensure that partial installations are fully removed, please check the installation location (usually C:\Program Files\Macmillan\Global eWorkbook\) and delete any remaining files.

2. Download and install the latest version of Adobe Air from the following address: http://get.adobe.com/air/

3. Reinstall Global eWorkbook

If problems persist, it may be because your antivirus software is reporting a ‘false positive’ result. We guarantee that our products do not contain viruses, so don’t worry, there is no threat. Your antivirus software is incorrectly identifying Global eWorkbook as a possible threat. Please ensure that you have downloaded the latest updates for your virus checker then follow steps 1 and 3 above to reinstall Global eWorkbook. If this is unsuccessful, you may have to temporarily switch off your antivirus software before reinstalling. In this case, please send us details of your antivirus software and we will contact the antivirus software vendor requesting that they register our product as safe in future updates.

You can read more FAQs and contact us if necessary with further information here.

Download the Adobe Air Patch for Global eWorkbook HERE