Global eWorkbook

Global eWorkbook

The Global eWorkbook represents an evolution in self-study materials for students. Within a rich multimedia environment it provides a wealth of resources for the learner, enabling them to continue their studies at their own pace, and in their own time. Below, we’ve focused on just a few of the features of the eWorkbook. To learn more, contact your local Macmillan office and ask for a demo to see for yourself just how innovative the eWorkbook truly is. Or watch our online ‘walk-through’ of the best features of the eWorkbook.

On-the-go Study

Most of us have some downtime during our day – a commute, a visit to the dentist, etc.– when we could be doing something more productive than staring out of the window. Global recognises this, as well as the fact that not all learners want to study in a classroom, or sitting in front of a computer. We have provided a wide variety of extra listening and video materials in the eWorkbook. These are supplied in commonly used file formats, so students can load these materials onto their portable music and video players and study and review ‘on-the-go’. Below you can see one of the Global videos from the eWorkbook, and the accompanying student’s worksheet.

Breathe in worksheet Breathe in worksheet


Interactive Practice

The eWorkbook contains a wide range of activities which allow for extra practice and review of the language presented in the Coursebooks. These activities will cover all aspects of language learning, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills work.


Print and Work

We realise that for some people studying from a screen just doesn’t work, for whatever reason. The eWorkbook offers the best of both worlds. Learners can print out worksheets and use them for revision or practice as they would with a traditional printed workbook. Alternatively they can cover the same learning points on their computer in a fully interactive environment.