A free unit and some more free resources!

Published on 27th October, 2010 in Author Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

Sneak peek at Global Intermediate

I’m pleased to announce that visitors to the Global site can now get a first look at Global Intermediate, due out in January 2010. Written by myself and co-author Rebecca Robb-Benne it’s probably contains some of my favourite lessons of the whole series. There’s lots of authentic fiction and non-fiction extracts as well as some really interesting tasks; the critical thinking parts begin to become even more apparent at this level.

The sample unit is Unit 2 Lives and Legends. We’ve uploaded eight pages from the student’s book, the full audio and full teaching notes for the unit. There’s also a scope and sequence on there for those of you who want to know what else is covered.


Here are the highlights of the sample unit you can try:

Lives 1: Listen to an interview with a real ghostwriter. Students then “ghost” a piece of each other’s lives using narrative tenses.
Lives 2: Read an extract from Booker award winner Zadie Smith’s White Teeth. Students discuss family-related issues and debate sayings and proverbs about family life.
Legends 1: Students listen to a famous fairy tale. They then learn about different kinds of modifiers and adjectives and finally read and debate a piece about the uses of fairy tales in culture using Grimm’s tales as an example.
Legends 2: Students find out about legendary places and their modern meanings (e.g. Shangri La). They then write a mini saga about a legendary place.
Function Globally: Students learn language for generalising and giving examples in spoken English.
Global Voices: Students listen to authentic people from around the world talking about important people in their lives. There is a language focus on the word stuff.
Writing: A full writing lesson on writing a narrative story.

Phew! Not bad, and all for free. Try it out, I think there’s something for everyone there!

Literature post cards

The second thing is a nice little package I put together with the expert help of Matt Kay from marketing at Macmillan. We knew that the literature in Global was proving to be quite popular, so we made a series of little postcards with literary quotes and discussion tasks.

These cards are perfect for small classes or one-to-ones, but could be used with larger groups. There are ten cards, each featuring a different author and key quote. We used classic authors in these (mainly for copyright reasons) but they give a feel for some of the kinds of speaking tasks we ask of students.

J.R.R Tolkein, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Charlotte Brontë, Mary Shelley are just some of the authors included. Each card comes with a quote from one of their books, a mini bio of the author and several questions or tasks for discussion. You can also get a nicely printed and bound set from your local Macmillan representative. Enjoy!


  • Where can I see unit 2?

    amphoux on 27 October, 2010
  • WHere can we download the sample pages from?

    Verónica on 27 October, 2010
  • I´ve just found it!

    Verónica on 27 October, 2010
  • How can I get the sample unit?

    Agnieszka Cegielska on 27 October, 2010
  • A really great teaching resource, interesting and truly useful in many many ways.

    Elena Campari on 28 October, 2010
  • Hi, the sample unit can be downloaded from here: http://www.macmillanglobal.com/try-global

    Matt Kay on 28 October, 2010
  • Very excited by the look of this book – loved the literary quote postcards: what a great but simple idea!

    KE on 4 November, 2010
  • I’ve just found it. Great to try …

    Syafrijal Kamin on 4 November, 2010
  • Great stuff! This is exactly what we need (as teachers: literary or literature material. The majority of books are focused on language skills, but very few include literature material. Thank you for this lovely resource.

    Mo Hassan on 12 November, 2010