A quick review of Global

Published on 18th January, 2011 in Author Blog by Matt Kay

Vicky Loras, a practising teacher in Switzerland (and as some of you may recall one of our very own Global Blogger alumni) has sent us this review of Global. If you’d like to send us your own thoughts on using Global, we’d love to publish them here.

“I have been teaching my adult students with Global for almost a year now and I must say, they love using it and so do I! All of them, people of various professions, find interest in the carefully designed units. We love the topics each time – all the parts: grammar, conversation, listening and so on, give us material which is weaved into great lessons! They take the topics back to their offices and discuss them with colleagues who are not part of our learning groups. The e-workbook is a great innovation and it is an amazing tool to use with the students!

A huge thank you to the writers of Global and Macmillan for this great book!”

Our pleasure Vicky, and thanks for your review!


  • thanks

    Mohmmadismail on 22 February, 2011
  • Hi,
    I have recently adopted Global for an Elementary and a Beginner group. I was keen on adopting this innovative course with eworkbook. Alas, we have had many problems installing it and as yet have not been able to use it. I feel it should have been a lot more user-friendly.Marisa

    Marisa on 30 June, 2011
  • Dear Marisa.

    I am really sorry you’ve had trouble installing the eWorkbook. Have you contacted help@macmillan.com with the details? The technical guys there are really quite good at getting round these things. It’s well worth it!

    Let me know if you need anything else.

    All the best,


    Charlie on 4 July, 2011
  • I’ve also been using Global at the university and I’ve had the best results ever. However, now I’m conducting a research on the impact of the digital book on student motivation and I’d like to know if anyone has conducted such research and where I can find it!

    Adelaide Oliveira on 2 November, 2011
  • We´re about to start using Global in our school in a few months. I´d like to know how many hours should be allowed for each student book. We´ll be using the student book, ebook and global digital. I´d also like some advice regarding the best way to use the ebook so we can use it as an evaluation tool. The problem I see is that the students have the answer keys for the ebook.
    Thanking you in advance.


    Maria Acquaviva on 3 August, 2012
  • Hi there,

    Apologies for the late reply to you!

    I’d say each level was about 90hours (excluding the eWorkbook).

    The students dont have access to the answers to the interactive practice until they have attempted the exercise. It marks in the scorebook how many times they have attempted the exercise, their first score and their latest score – this means you’ll know if they’ve cheated. This can be exported as a pdf and shown to you the teacher.

    I hope that helps,

    Charlie and the Global team

    Charlie on 7 September, 2012
  • Thank you Charlie. I´ll be in touch again soon to give you feedback on our experience with the course. We hope to begin on October 22nd.

    Maria Acquaviva on 10 October, 2012