A review of Global

Published on 15th July, 2010 in Author Blog by Matt Kay

global-booksWe’ve just been sent this, and wanted to share it. It’s an independent review of Global by Martha Hendra, an educational consultant in Australia.

“The GLOBAL 6 level adult General English course has been specifically designed for the more mature language student and introduces English as an international language through very real and accessible topics. Coupled with language learning is the abundance of useful information which is presented throughout each topic and unit of work.

With a unique layout of activities, GLOBAL gives a special emphasis to the use and function of grammar as both a stand-alone and also as a functional skill. The visuals presented throughout are excellent and comprise of photos, pictures, bold coloured titles and highlighted text. The activities have been spaciously set out to give the appearance of a more ‘academic style’ to suit the adult learner.

Unlike many other General English course books, GLOBAL has incorporated critical thinking skills in both its topic selection and the way the material has been organized. This is another important quality of the course which distinguishes it to appeal to an adult audience. As it is also available in a fully interactive digital version, the eWorkbook and Global Digital for classroom use make it more accessible for teacher and student.

Probably the best feature of this course book is the presentation of authentic and unscripted recordings for listening activities. These recordings introduce the language learner to both native and non-native speakers from around the globe. For the educator this opens up different teaching avenues into dialects, accents, intonation, common expressions etc.

Although many of the topics are typical of this course book genre, there are some units which are unique to GLOBAL. Another important difference is that GLOBAL has included core exercises relating to functioning globally, global English and study skills. The latter contributing further to the adult level application required to use this course book effectively.



  • I´d like to try it out with my IMMERSION students.
    I have these Company groups for a total of 36 hours at a time for 5 or 6 sessions during the year. I need better material…global sounds from your webpage like it could help out.

    ed Garson on 11 August, 2010
  • I’d love to try this course out in Japan – is it available here yet?

    Ian Duncan on 21 October, 2010
  • I’d like to try it in Jambi – Indonesia. Is it available on demand?

    Syafrijal Kamin on 22 October, 2010
  • Hi,
    You can get contact details for our local offices in Japan and Indonesia on our main website: http://www.macmillanenglish.com/worldwide. They will be able to help you get hold of Global locally.

    Matt Kay on 22 October, 2010