Coursebooks and the curse of celebrity

Published on 20th May, 2010 in Author Blog by Matt Kay

One of the key points behind Global is the emphasis on critical thinking and cultural content. In this article, published this week in the Guardian Weekly, Lindsay Clandfield examines the rise of celebrity culture in ELT coursebooks.

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  • I really like this material

    elisabete pereira on 20 May, 2010
  • After reading the article I found myself thinking that I’m not alone. We’re educating people (children, teens, adults) from different parts of the world,with different cultures …and our role is more than talking about fame,celebrities, parties…education must make us reflect,criticise,learn in a very dynamic way…Education must be taken as a serious issue. Great article

    Ana Paula Santos on 24 May, 2010
  • There is another question coming to mind… If we are to teach English together with culture, how can we manage students with very low educational background? I mean, for example, in Turkey (where I work now) some students are quite sure that there is NO difference between a Buddhist priest and a Christian priest

    Elena on 16 July, 2010
  • I mean, this is not only about fluency in L1, this is something QUITE different. Is there any useful literature concerning this problem?

    Elena on 16 July, 2010