Dispatch from Peru – And now for something completely different

Published on 19th October, 2010 in Author Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

Last week I was in Lima, Peru. This was my first time in South America. It was a lightning trip though, only three days two of which were spent in a conference centre. This is alas rather typical of some of my trips. However, this one was the first one I brought Roswell along with me.

RoswellWho’s Roswell? Well, he’s a little green stuffed toy in the shape of an alien. Some friends of mine loaned him to my family and recommended jokingly that I take him with me on my trips. My wife then suggested I take photos of him wherever I go. Halfway through my trip to Lima I remembered he was in my bag. I asked my local colleague if I could take him out with me for some photos. Roswell became a big hit at the Inca market in Lima and everywhere else. One thing led to another and everyone wanted to see the photos. So, I’ve started a special blog just for photos of Roswell during my trips. This is one of those quirky but useless things that the internet is great for. You can see Roswell’s trip to Peru here at www.roswellworld.wordpress.com. I aim to take him with me on the next trips too for as long my nerve holds. Roswell will be seeing Skopje Macedonia, Kosovo, London, Stuttgart, Paris, Seville and Bangkok before then end of 2010. As a form of light entertainment we’ll be posting the occasional link to his photo blog at our Facebook page.

And I promise I’ll get back to serious blogging in the next post!


  • I was in your conference here in Lima. Great conference. You were also in Mrs. Lucia Murillo conference. Your participation improved that conference. (I didn’t see Roswell).

    Jose Yalta on 20 October, 2010
  • Thanks very much for the comment. I didn’t bring Roswell out at the conference, he is strictly along to see “other” things. 🙂

    Lindsay Clandfield on 23 October, 2010