Dispatch from Russia: Sightseeing

Published on 26th April, 2010 in Author Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

Every time I tell people where I have come from they say “gosh, did you see X?” or “you’re so lucky to see all these places!” Which is true, I admit. But in fact I rarely get to see any sights, shuttled as I am from one school or conference centre to the next. No, that is not entirely true. I do see the sights, from the window of the car. The following video shows you a typical trip for me to an amazing city and what I see of it. In this case it’s Saint Petersburg, Russia. It’s a bit manic, like “wow, there’s a statue!” “Ooh, look a river” as the car rushes us forward to the next destination.

Fortunately, on this trip I was lucky at the end to be in a very special place for one of my talks. Imagine getting to teach in a room like that every day…


  • Um … that’s not the Hermitage, that’s the Russian Museum.

    Olga on 26 April, 2010
  • LOL! You see? Not enough time for proper sightseeing! Well, my apologies for any confusion. But isn’t the Hermitage actually ALL of those buildings? The official website says that it’s comprised of six buildings, four are open to the public. Unless we were completely in the wrong place.

    Lindsay Clandfield on 26 April, 2010
  • I just love St. Petes/Moscow. The grandeur and culture simply blow you away. The first month I was in Moscow, I walked around in a complete daze! So much to take in!

    Laura Hudson on 30 April, 2010