Dispatch from Spain – Pepsi or Pesi?

Published on 2nd March, 2010 in Author Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

Here’s a commercial that is running on Spanish television recently. It features the Spanish football (soccer) player Fernando Torres – currently a star striker with Liverpool.

What’s interesting about this advertisement is how it shows Torres, who is Spanish, getting irritated by the director’s attempts to correct his pronunciation. Finally he says (in Spanish) “Hey man, I’m from Fuenla, we say Pesi”. More interesting is that the company is using this to make the director look silly and finishing with the line “Pepsi or Pesi. However you say it, you’ll save”

This has Global English, different accents and a challenge to pronunciation standards and models all in one. Sign of the times?

Have you seen any similar commercials showing how English words or phrases are “appropriated” by other languages? Post a comment.

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  • Not an advert, but can think of how other languages are influenced by global English of PCs and ICT. You just have to look at ‘hacer click’ and ‘chatear’ on ‘mesenyer in Spanish

    Mike Harrison on 6 March, 2010