Dispatch from the Departure lounge

Published on 17th September, 2010 in Author Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

loungeWell, I’m back on the road again. It’s been a long hot summer and in terms of Dispatches I’ve had nothing interesting about travel or language teaching to write. Not that I had been on holiday completely mind: over the whole summer I worked on rewrites, edits, teacher’s notes and answer keys for Global Intermediate and Upper intermediate. Very important work, but not exactly the most scintillating topic for a blog post.

I’m just getting back into gear, and this post finds me living it up at the business lounge at Barcelona airport. Due to a late departure by the airline and a bit of stomping and sighing by me I managed to get a free pass to the business lounge. Hooray for comfy chairs, free sandwiches and soft drinks!

So, what’s on the agenda for second part of 2010 in Dispatches? Well, currently I’m on my way to IATEFL Poland. Last week I was at the Czech teachers national conference. Both are places I’ve already written about on this blog but I may do a post on the latest conference ELT sport: tweeting during a talk or workshop. I’ve been experimenting with this medium and will share my thoughts a bit later on this.

As for other dispatches, on my agenda over the next three months I’ve got visits to Peru, Macedonia, the south of Spain, Germany, France and Thailand. Plus a couple of visits to London. There’s bound to be some things to blog about from these places.

Meanwhile, it’s back to haunting the snack table here at the lounge in Barcelona airport. See you around!

Photo credit: Jurgen Stemper // Bloemche. Creative Commons Licence

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  • I arrived from IATEFL,a week ago. Thank you for your unusual presentation and a nice cup of tea!

    Anna Lysek on 26 September, 2010