Published on 11th February, 2010 in Author Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

Books, like ships, are often given a launch after publication to wish them on their way. Last week saw the official “launch” of Global in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Macmillan had events in Bournemouth, Oxford, London and Dublin. They had decided to launch the book at museums, which led to some amazing venues for talks and conversations.

The one that stood out, for me, was the launch in Oxford at the Ashmolean Museum. The Ashmolean was Britain’s first ever museum to open a private collection to the public in 1683 – before even the word museum had been invented!

In 2009 major renovation work was finished on the atrium of the museum, creating the most amazing space full of light and very interesting pieces. As an author, I cannot imagine a nicer place to see one’s book launched and to celebrate with the whole team and old friends.


  • Let me confess right now to having a terrible cold when I made that speech… hence the notes to keep me going! It was a great evening though. Thanks again everyone involved.

    Lindsay Clandfield on 11 February, 2010
  • Enhorabuena, Lindsay!! It’s probably just as well you don’t launch a book in ‘exactly’ the same way as a ship – I can only picture a soggy, champagne-smelling pulpy mass.

    A much nicer setting for your launch then, and very interesting to note that the idea started in the very same museum…

    Mike Harrison on 11 February, 2010
  • Ha ha, you’re right it would be a rather soggy book. I’ll be more careful with the metaphors perhaps in future…

    Lindsay Clandfield on 11 February, 2010
  • Lindsay, are you sure your need for notes wasn’t simply in anticipation of the freeflow wine?

    George Gilbert on 11 February, 2010