One-bag packing

Published on 26th January, 2010 in Author Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

Right! This is my first foray into the world of vlogging, or video blogging. This post was inspired by two other (non video) things I discovered on the web. I first heard the expression the “road warrior” from The Consultants-E (, an English language teaching consultancy run by two very seasoned road warriors indeed, Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly.

The other is the website which shows exactly how to pack so that you travel out of one bag only, and has had a big influence on me as you can see!

For all of those wondering how to do “one bag packing”, here’s the video how!


  • Thanks so much for clarifying that you did once have a more masculine soap(?) bag. It was a good detail to get to grips with.


    Karenne Sylvester on 27 January, 2010
  • How cool, Heike

    Heike Philp on 27 January, 2010
  • Thanks for the comments folks. The masculine soap bag was very manly, but just too big. And it’s true every time I look at a Ryanair boarding pass I hear that woman screaming.

    Lindsay Clandfield on 27 January, 2010
  • Hi Lindsay, I loved the wrapping clothes technique, but I bet it was all wrinkled on arrival! Hope the flight was ok, I always have everything crossed when I fly Ryanair! See you soon, Jo.

    Jo Budden on 28 January, 2010
  • I love the “woooooohhhh” and the “scream!” It must be nice to already have lucrative publisher sponsorship on your first video.

    Kenny on 28 January, 2010
  • Love the 1st V log. Where can I get a soap bag like that for my girlfriend?

    Julian Jahanpour on 28 January, 2010
  • Thanks for the comments. Jo, the flight was fine but I aim to do another jab at Ryanair with my little camera soon. Kenny, yes I guess one could call Ryanair the lucrative benefits of being an ELT author… 😉 Julian, the soap bag comes from a little shop in Aix en Provence. Cost me 8 euros.

    Lindsay Clandfield on 28 January, 2010
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    Guess where I’m going | Learning to speak 'merican on 29 January, 2010
  • Oh! Thanks a lot .As for me I am going to visit London soon.These are good advice for me.Thank you .Ann.

    Anna on 3 February, 2011