Second dispatch: The ground rules

Published on 14th January, 2010 in Author Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

I thought I would just clarify a few ground rules about my entries on this blog. Just so you know.

1. I am not being paid by Macmillan or anybody else to blog here. I’m not being “forced” to do this. It is my choice.

2. I’ll be blogging about two of my great passions: travelling and English language teaching (ELT). My other blog ( is only about ELT, and with a title like Global Author Blog it’s nice to have a broader remit.

3. I’ll try to do an entry every week, minimum, during my time at this blog.

4. The following is the only commercial message you’ll get from me on this blog about my course Global: It’s a great course! I nearly killed myself writing it! It looks beautiful! It’s different! Tell your school to buy it! Ok. Now that is out of my system, back to regular blogging.

So there they are.  And now you know.  See you later online.


  • Always interested in extra teacing material

    Valerie Mcleod on 14 January, 2010
  • You’ll find some here, try the elessons section!

    Lindsay Clandfield on 14 January, 2010
  • finally, I found this article again. You have few useful tips for my school project. This time, I won’t forget to bookmark it. 🙂

    get tips on 19 January, 2010
  • This smacks of you being told off by the Grumpy Bear.


    Karenne Sylvester on 4 February, 2010