Hello from Russia!

Published on 21st September, 2011 in Global Bloggers by HelenF

We have a new Global blogger starting with us this week. Evgeniya Zimina from Russia is our most northern blogger so far and will be posting every two weeks about her teaching experiences with Global experiences. Here Evgeniya introduces herself – her first blog post will appear later in the week.

My name is Evgeniya Zimina, I come from Kostroma, a city about 300 km north of Moscow, Russia. And though I have travelled a lot and seen many countries and places, my heart will always be here.

I teach English at the Department of Foreign Languages of Kostroma State University, where I studied myself. I teach a variety of subjects including Business English, Translation and Interpretation, Grammar, Conversation. I wrote my PhD thesis in an absolutely different area, Economics, which turned out to be useful for teaching Business English. I also have a lot of one-to-one teaching practice because the demand for language learning is staggering here.

Professional development is very important to me – I don’t want to be remembered by generations of students as a boring creature that uses a faded boring book. That is why I try to attend seminars, conferences and workshops for language teachers and take part in professional competitions. And I try to encourage my students to do the same, because they are going to be teachers, too.


  • Hi there Evgeniya!

    It’s Lindsay here. Thanks very much for blogging here, I hope you enjoy it. I loved your quote about how you don’t want to be remembered, I am sure it will not be the case!

    Lindsay Clandfield on 22 September, 2011
  • Dear Yevgeniya, I like the picture of a log cabin in winter. It looks so Russian! Why do they call you “the most northern blogger” if you live in Kostroma? The town of Kostroma is situated on the 58th parallel North. I was born in St. Petersburg which is on 60th.

    Vladimir Smirnov on 22 September, 2011
  • Hello, I’m Evgeniya too and I’m from Russia as well. And I am also teaching English :))) in my own language school. I’ve chosen this course for my upper-intermediate students. They are really modern, enthusiastic about learning English. I always try to find new approaches in teaching,I’m sure this site and books’ll help me.Thx 4 Mlearning and Elessons)))

    Evgeniya on 22 September, 2011
  • Hi there Vladimir,

    I am sure there are many places more north than Kostroma, but Evgeniya is the most northern of our Global Bloggers so far!

    Many thanks,

    Charlie and the Global Team

    Charlie on 23 September, 2011
  • Hi there (another!) Evgeniya!

    Great to hear from you and glad you are enjoying the Global site and have chosen the course itself! I hope it goes down well with your Upper Intermediate students.

    You can keep up-to-date and in touch via our facebook page too (www.facebook.com/macmillanglobal). Maybe see you there soon!

    All the best,

    Charlie and the Global Team

    Charlie on 23 September, 2011
  • I’m from Saint-Petersburg,a teacher of a lyceum. My students are really talanted in English and I like Evgeniya’s ideas to improve her professionalism in teaching English visiting different seminars. I do the same attending seminars & conferences with native speakers of English to see their methods of teaching and share mine.

    My name is Lyudmila, a typical Russian name. on 30 October, 2011