Just what the doctor ordered!

Published on 13th July, 2010 in Global Bloggers by Patrick Talty

Yes, indeed. When the temperature hits 34 degrees Celsius, and you are looking at vocabulary of health and fitness, the only thing missing is calorie-laden ice-cream, and lots of it.

My conversation/vocabulary class were inspired by the chocolate-hazelnut combination, and though relaxed in approach eventually got going. Vocabulary exercise 1 on page 104 of Unit 9: Health and Fitness is a great little exercise and as always can lead into an abundance of useful areas. The students also enjoyed Arab influences on medicine on the same page, leading us into medical influences from their own countries. Grammar exercise 1 on page 105 was excellent in its choices of texts. The Risks of smoking text worked really well and again led to debate and discussion on the topic of passive smoking.

Find someone who… on page 107 is also very good. I highly recommend this as depending on where you want to take it, you could structure a whole class around the topic of sport. This is what I like about Global as a whole. The exercises can stand alone or be adapted with great success.

The introduction to reported speech on page 109 combined with Speaking exercises 1 and 2 on the same page made a very effective exercise. Who would think that beer and hot dogs were good for your health! We wrapped up the lesson with the Describing illness exercises on page 110. The students loved this, especially Language focus: talking about illness. They told me that it was very practical for them, and that for many students describing an illness is an issue of concern for them. So, thank you Global writers for another terrific unit.

Many of our students visit Canada’s French speaking capital, Quebec. I am going to veer off a little today, and tell you why Quebec is so worth a visit if you come to my part of the world.

Old Quebec is a beautiful maze of streets with quaint shops and non-stop street-performers from opera singers to one-man bands. Many students spend time on the boardwalk overlooking the St. Lawrence river, and then take a tour of the Plains of Abraham where the English and French battled for territory. It’s a lovely way to spend a short break. My class raved about it.

How time flies. See you next week. Perhaps the heat wave will be over by then.