Latest from rainy Auckland

Published on 23rd July, 2010 in Global Bloggers by Martin McMorrow

This has been one of those mild and wet winter weeks here in Auckland. But good weather to sit inside and catch up on some studies! I had the pleasure of meeting my new student through English Language Partners: Navinder, who has come here from India and is starting a new life for himself and his family here in New Zealand. We started off with getting to know each other, using the material from Unit 1 Individual and Society. Between us we were able to demonstrate quite a lot of the vocabulary of appearances. Navinder is slim and has a beard, while his teacher is middle-aged, increasingly overweight and worried about a mysterious bald patch which has recently appeared. Both of us also have interesting families which we were also able to describe. To focus more on the grammar, we used exercise 2 on page 9. I’d forgotten how tricky English word order can be, especially in questions. I think for the next lesson, I’ll adapt the exercise, making up some new questions on paper and then cutting them up so Navinder can practise putting them physically back in the same order. In the next lesson, I’ll also take my laptop along so that I can introduce him to the DVD materials.

Meanwhile, my Korean student, Cheol, started using Global with his own student, also from Korea. Complicated, eh? Anyway, they decided to kick off with the eating and drinking section and were particular taken by Ten secrets from the world’s top kitchens on page 20. They obviously had a highly practical approach to the topic! I forgot to ask Cheol if they did the listening on Zao Shen on page 21. I’ll ask him next week. Cheol commented that the listenings are pretty challenging, particularly the exposure to a wide range of accents. Well, that’s Global!

That’s it from Auckland for this week. Let’s hope for a bit of a break in the rain for our weekend. Oh, and let me know if you’d like me to put up any photos of me and the students – or even a rainy winter scene from Auckland. But not my bald patch – that would be too cruel …