Lessons At The Bank and The Big Chocolate Lesson

Published on 30th April, 2010 in Global Bloggers by Vicky Loras

swiss chocloateIn our last lesson, we had a big discussion with the group of bankers about one of my favourite topics (and I imagine not only of the Swiss, but of many, many people in the world): chocolate. We were talking about kinds of chocolate we prefer, where we like to buy it from and how much we eat. (Turns out I was the biggest eater! I am lucky to be in this country for all the kinds of excellent chocolate it has to offer – and not only that, it has a lot of other types of food which are great.)

So that lesson passed and today’s came, which was great as always. We always have a wonderful time, but today’s lesson was funny and enjoyable as we had a great coincidence. Yesterday was my birthday, so I saw it proper to bring the people in the bank I was going to teach some chocolates to celebrate the occasion (and also as a thank-you for the great lessons we have had so far). I went into the conference room where we have the lessons a bit earlier like every time and I opened the box of chocolates and placed them in the middle of the table. I waited and they all arrived on by one…the great moment was when they in turn had brought me chocolates as well, as a result of last week’s discussion (which was mainly focused on my love of chocolate)! It was a great coincidence and a wonderful gesture on their behalf!

For anyone who would like to visit Switzerland, after nine months of living here I can say that it is a beautiful country with wonderful, warm and extremely helpful people. The food is amazing and visitors really enjoy it…but when they leave the country, I advise them to take with them large quantities of the absolutely, incomparably delicious chocolate!

Photo credit: bigbirdz. Creative Commons Licence


  • Thank you

    Steve Yang on 9 May, 2010
  • Hi, Vicky! I like your post and positive attitude towards Switzerland. Are you a member of ETAS? I’d love to meet you someday, maybe at one of their events.

    Amy Jost on 16 May, 2010