My first experience teaching Global pre-intermediate

Published on 15th April, 2010 in Global Bloggers by Vicky Loras

Global-PreIntThree months ago, thanks to a colleague of mine, I came into contact with a group of bankers who wanted to begin lessons in April, in order to keep up their spoken level of English.

While preparing all this time and looking for material to use with them, I started my co-operation with Macmillan and Global and I must say I was really excited about using the course!

Our first lesson was last Tuesday. I had the pile on the big conference table. After our introductions, I spoke to them a bit about what I was imagining the lessons to be like, asking them at the same time to pitch in whenever they had an idea for the lesson (I am very much in support of flexibility of lessons). Then I got up and went to each one of them, handing out the books – their enthusiasm showed at once! They loved the fact that they could have their own CD-ROM to work on and they really liked the layout of the book, which we started right away.

The first unit (Individual & Society) proved to be a great inspiration for all of us, as we took the topic of personal objects and their meaning to people and wove a whole discussion around it. Everyone started talking about which objects they never leave home without and sharing their life stories connected to these objects. They even started talking to one another in English – and it was a very lively discussion! (Teacher talking time was almost eliminated at this point.)

We additionally found the topic of biometric identification very interesting, as very recently biometric passports were introduced to Switzerland. So this great group of bankers started telling me about the process you have to go through, the cost, the advantages and disadvantages of the process. Before we knew it, our time was up and we were already finished!

Overall, a highly productive lesson – and it was just the first one! I look forward to the next ones and I feel very happy to have this group of people … and Global!


  • Hello! I’m interresting in know this English Course.My friends knows this and told me it is so interresting. I pretend to study English and, after that, travel to England.

    Welka Morais on 21 May, 2010
  • Hello. I am interested in your Enlgish course, how can I get more information about it. I live in Mexico.

    José Mario Galindo González on 22 July, 2010
  • Hi Jose,
    If you visit our Macmillan Mexico website, you’ll be able to get in touch with one of our local team who will be happy to help you.

    Matt Kay on 27 July, 2010