Pancake Tuesday!

Published on 1st March, 2012 in Global Bloggers by Valentina Castellani

Last week we celebrated Pancake Tuesday! A very popular tradition over here in Northern Ireland, which most of the students don’t get to celebrate in their native countries. So I took the chance to teach them some food-related vocabulary. On Monday we looked at some food vocabulary and we focused on countable and uncountable nouns. As homework they had to research some traditional breakfast food in their countries.

The following day, Pancake Tuesday, I started the lesson showing them some pictures of breakfast food and they had to remember what they were called in English. All the pictures were enlarged copies of the pictures in Global Elementary ‘Bed & Breakfast’ Part 3. I split students into teams and asked them to categorise all the food we had just seen into fruit, drinks, dairy products and ‘other things’ as suggested in Global. At the end of this game, I asked students to present to us some traditional breakfast food from their countries. We shared similarities and differences, and they were curious to know what is traditional breakfast food in Northern Ireland. Traditional Northern Irish breakfast, the ‘Ulster fry’, consists of bacon, eggs, sausages, soda bread, potato bread and fried tomatoes. They were surely surprised by such variety of food for breakfast! We continued on the subject of breakfast as I moved on to the listening in ‘Bed & Breakfast’ Part 3, where students listened to the description of different types of dishes.

Once we completed all the listening exercises I asked them about their opinion on these different types of food. We focused on pancakes, and looked at a recipe to make perfect pancakes! This involves learning new specific vocabulary (e.g. stir, add, pour, batter)and sequencing (e.g. first, then, at the end). I then gave them the recipe, but the sequences were not in the correct order, and some words were missing. They had to reconstruct the recipe filling in the gaps and putting it back together. As homework they had to research a recipe to share with us the following day!

We then quickly recapped countable and uncountable nouns and completed the exercise that follows the Grammar section of Global ‘Bed & Breakfast’ Part 3. This exercise allowed us to review some functional language on how to order food at a café as what followed was … a field trip! Off we went to a local café to enjoy some fresh pancakes! Happy Pancake Tuesday!


  • Pancake Tuesday souds great! how can I download it?

    Xanthe Maroula on 3 March, 2012
  • Hi Xanthe!
    Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it!
    the lesson is featured in Global Elementary, the Chapter “Bed&Breakfast” part 3! you can follow my blog as lesson plan for it!
    where do you teach? Hopefully you’ll be able to find a nice cafè to share some pancakes with your students!

    all the best, and keep me posted!

    Valentina on 8 March, 2012