Spending time with Time

Published on 6th August, 2010 in Global Bloggers by Martin McMorrow

Has another week already passed? You know, I daren’t close my eyes in case I miss another decade! Time was very much a central theme of two enjoyable events I was lucky enough to see here in Auckland this week. One very old – the play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. And one very new – the film Inception. So, it was a pleasure to find ‘Time’ as a theme in Unit 7 of Global pre-intermediate, as I started to plan my lesson with Navinder for this weekend.

There are some intriguing aspects to this topic. I wonder how our Global students will see the best and worst of the times we live in. I think younger people find it hard to imagine how life was possible without mobile phones and the internet. If I try to explain, I feel somewhat like a caveman trying to explain to his kids what it had been like growing up without fire. ‘You know, back then, we just jumped up and down when we felt cold and if you wanted something cooked, you had to wait until it got struck by lightning’.

Back to Global; time zones is another great topic. Everytime I phone my family in England, they are amazed that what is a bright Saturday afternoon for them is the middle of a frosty Sunday night for me. I feel they are disappointed I don’t make better use of the fact that I’m already in the world of tomorrow, here in New Zealand. ‘Couldn’t you at least tell us the football results?’, I suspect, they are dying to ask.

Well, as you can see, I’m looking forward to spending time with Time. I wonder what our Global students will make of the ‘top time saving inventions’? My guess is that the mobile phone will do well. While watching Romeo and Juliet, I did notice that as one character was being sent to deliver a really important message to another town, several young people around me were visibly shaking their heads and tweeting, ‘These old guys, they just don’t know how to text!’ It’s, like, tragic!