Time is money, except for the World Cup!

Published on 10th July, 2010 in Global Bloggers by Patrick Talty

My Brazilian students arrived into class today after missing Monday’s session.

‘The World Cup, Teacher.’

Several dramatic shoulder shrugs later, and we settle into Unit 7 of Global. I have been looking forward to this unit as I know my students will get their teeth into it. The exercise What’s the best time to …? on page 78 is a real gem. My guys were especially argumentative about the best time to get married, which for most perhaps reflected the times and was at around mid-thirties. Listening 2 on page 80 was also great, and again allowed me to add a few more phrases to the list.

Vocabulary exercises 2 and 3 on page 82 worked very well in groups of three, and were excellent platforms for more in-depth discussion. The students had a lot to say about the rising cost of goods and services in their countries.

We also looked at A different kind of bank on page 84. This is an excellent short article and worked wonderfully well. After reading the article, I got my students to come up with ideas on how this would work in their countries. They are a very thoughtful bunch and had plenty of ideas. Thanks Global for a thought-provoking and interesting piece! To lighten the mood a little, we did the Speaking roleplay on page 86. Everyone is a salesman at heart judging from the passion with which my gang tried to sell, amongst other things, my teaching skills. The highest price that was offered for my services was $25 for 3 hours teaching. I guess I’m overpaid!

Overall, a great unit. We all enjoyed it immensely.

A lot of the students escaped the city and the G20 summit at the weekend and headed for the tranquility of High Park. This is located in West Toronto and is around 200 acres of park with walking trails galore. It backs onto Lake Ontario so you get the best of both worlds.

I referred to Toronto last week as Hogtown. This name derives from the fact that once Toronto was home to one of the biggest pork processing plants in North America. Interestingly, back in those days you were levied with a ten-cent fine if your hog ran wild in the street.

Funny what you’ll find when you do a little research.

Happy Canada Day to you all!!