Welcome to our second Global blogger

Published on 15th February, 2010 in Global Bloggers by Sharon de Hinojosa

sharon-globalMy name is Sharon and I’ve been living in Peru for 5.5 years. During that time I’ve been on various visas, from volunteer-diplomat, to tourist, to marriage. I finally stopped the need for visas when I became a Peruvian citizen last year. I applied to be a Global Blogger because I thought it would give me the chance to tell others about what it’s like to teach in Peru. Peru doesn’t seem to be a popular TEFL destination, like China, Korea, or Mexico, but I still think it’s important for people to know what it’s like to live here.

I’ve also worked in my schools. I’ve taught in two universities, a secondary school, a primary school, an institute, and private lessons. When I first came to Peru I couldn’t find much information about living or teaching here, so I’ve made it my goal to help those wanting to come or those already here in Peru. That’s the main reason behind The Ultimate Peru List (www.theultimateperulist.blogspot.com) and TEFL Tips (www.tefltips.blogspot.com).


  • Welcome Sharon! Nice to see you here, and I look forward to hearing about Peru!!

    Lindsay Clandfield on 15 February, 2010
  • Hi Sharon!
    It will be very interesting to read about your experiences as a teacher in Peru! I am looking forward to reading your posts.
    Kindest regards,

    Vicky Loras on 15 February, 2010
  • Glad to help out. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be a blogger.

    Sharon on 15 February, 2010
  • Hi, Sharon! I am looking forward to what you have to say about using Global in your part of the world.

    Amy Jost on 17 February, 2010
  • Hi Sharon
    Currently I teach English to XIth and XIIth grade students in a missionary school that’s celebrating its jubilee. Location – Patna, Bihar, India. It’s a new assignment and classes are large. Activity based teaching is hence a challenge.

    Looking forward to learning about your experience as a teacher of English and Peru as well. Who knows whether you’ll be my next muse and I might land up in Peru on a teaching stint!

    Warm Regards

    Archana Jha on 18 February, 2010
  • Hi Sharon
    It must be serendipity. I am currently looking for a teaching post in Peru, mostly because I have many Peruvian students here in London who tell me that I would love Peru and Peru would love me! Any advice you can give on getting a job would be gratefully received.

    Jane Charteris on 18 February, 2010