Winter in Aotearoa

Published on 15th July, 2010 in Global Bloggers by Martin McMorrow

Brrrrr! We are in the coldest week of the year down here in Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand). I had to pour water over my windscreen every morning this week before driving up to the University. However, the days have been bright and sunny – ideal weather for winter walks. I think I mentioned last time that I work as a learning advisor at a University, where we have nearly 2000 international students. I also teach migrants to New Zealand voluntarily.

These worlds often cross over. Just this week, I met the daughter of one of the migrants I had been teaching, who came with her parents from Iran five years ago and is now starting at University here. Another of my postgraduate students, who comes from Korea, is another volunteer teacher and he will be using Global with the Korean migrant he is teaching here – I hope to pass on his report next week.

Meanwhile, I will be meeting my new student from India on Saturday morning. I’ve chosen the material on Writing a CV from Unit 5. I thought it would be a useful way of getting to know each other and also very relevant to his objectives in getting a job here. If there’s time, we’ll also go onto the Study skills section – this is especially useful, I think, for students who are studying part-time, since they need to work independently between lessons. I’d like to ask him to choose one or two topics and try recording vocabulary he comes across during the week. Of course, another thing I’ll be asking him to do is to look through the book and choose some topics for upcoming lessons. The focus on meetings in Unit 5 also caught my eye because many migrants have to participate in all kinds of meetings – about their visas, their children’s education, work, study etc – and I’ll be keen to try out this material soon.

Well, if you are feeling hot and sweaty wherever you are, I will send you a blast of cool, fresh Auckland air to keep you cool until next time!