Fond farewells

Published on 26th May, 2011 in Teaching Tips by Frances Watkins

It’s been fun passing on some tips over the last few months. I hope I’ve managed to remind you of some old ideas, and provide you with a few new ones too. Whilst some of the tips have been ideas-oriented, some have centred around raising awareness of yourself as a teacher: your role, your strategies, your potential. Often the tips have been small, but bringing into focus things that we do without really questioning, such as how you monitor or respond to learners.

It seems appropriate to finish on a tip related to your own self-development. Here are just one or two simple ideas that I have used to ensure my own continued development over the years.

•  Discussion with colleagues is an invaluable way to get new ideas and angles. You could formalise this by meeting regularly simply to discuss what ideas have worked and what haven’t; how you like to teach X; problems encountered, etc.

•  Annotate your lesson plans and write down a few summary sentences at the end, saying what went well and what did not (presuming you keep and reuse some of your plans). Despite the fact that your lesson plan seems to pulsate with life at the time, it’s difficult to remember precisely what happened when you want to reuse and adjust it!

•  Use a notebook or ‘diary’ as a self-reflection technique. Comment on which elements of a lesson you thought went well and why, and also less successful aspects. Include an achievable personal action plan in response to problems, where appropriate. This cultivates a kind of ‘self-discussion’. It’s amazing how much clearer things start to become, how strategies start to be made, via this medium.

•  Observe a colleague, even if it’s just for 40 minutes, and invite them to observe in return. If you feel uneasy about this, start with 20 minutes and assign your observer a specific observation task, eg sometimes I think my task set-up is messy so


  • I´d be happy if I could receive McMillan´s material information for next year elementary, pre intermediate and intermediate levels.
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    Elma Ize

    Elma Ize on 8 November, 2011
  • Hi there Elma,

    Thanks for taking an interest in our products. You can sign up for regular updates at in the ‘My Account’ area. Dont forget you can also download a sample from each level on this site in the ‘Try before you buy’.

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    Charlie on 16 November, 2011
  • Hello there! I am using digital Gobal at my school. I was a little disappointed with the mistakes I came across in the teacher’s book and on the digital board. My students like the course very much. I must say that I found much of the resource ideas rather boring.

    ROBERT WEARN on 1 January, 2012
  • Dear Robert,

    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to reply to your comment on I’m glad you’re visiting the site and appreciate you taking the time to post a comment. We are really grateful for user feedback – both the positive and the negative.

    It’s good to hear your students like it but it sounds like you are less pleased. This is obviously not what we were hoping for – we want everyone to like it and enjoy using it! I’m sorry you’ve come across mistakes – we do take care to iron as many of them out as possible but I’m afraid we’re all fallible. In order to correct these as soon as possible I was wondering if you wanted to give us some more details on what mistakes you have come across and which of the resources you feel could be more interesting.

    I like forward to hearing from you and thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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    Charlie on 16 January, 2012