Global voices

Published on 14th December, 2009 in Teaching Tips by Matt Kay

Global features a wide range of authentic, unscripted recordings of people from around the world. The video below features just a few of them. Let us know in the comments if you show it to your students, and how you used it.


  • It’s a great website to learn English, through English and about English, truly as it is publicized; I love this way of learning authentic English through listening and visualizing -it’s so impressive and innovative yet natural or even spontaneously. I’d like to recommend it to many of my students and tteaching colleauges. Thanks you. Maurice

    morris.huang@englishcareer on 14 January, 2010
  • Wow!! I loved it. I am showing “Global Voices” to my students tomorrow. I am pretty sure they will feel more comfortable and more secure about their oral skill. I am definitely going to include this material in my lesson plans. Thank you Macmillan team. You are great!!! I love you guys!! Yumi, xoxo


    Yumi on 15 January, 2010
  • I love U, guys! That’s an amazing, fantastic way to learn English. I’d like to tell my students to watch it. I’m pretty sure, they’ll love it so much. Tk U the terrific team forever.

    Sandy on 15 January, 2010
  • Even this video is great.Thank you

    Pina on 26 January, 2010
  • No comments!!! It’s just a superb course and a fantastic website both for English learners and for teachers of English! Thank you for this great opportunity!!!

    Irina on 27 January, 2010
  • Great! We are used to listening to standard English in many textbooks but this is a fantastic opportunity to show our students other accents. I would show them the video without sound as they read with their own accent and then I´d play the video again with sound so they notice the difference! That´s amazing!

    Raquel on 30 January, 2010
  • Amazing!!! Superb material !!!I really loved it. I teach students ( adults) in their third year and I´m sure they´ll like this. Great job luvvie.

    Ana Flores Ramos on 17 February, 2010
  • That`s fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was really surprised when I had heard myself here!!!!!!!!!
    And all my friends!!!!!!!!!!!! Mert, Naif, Arthur and Dain!!!!!!!!! Great job, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, it`s unbelievable to be a part of such a book!!!!)))

    Olga on 16 April, 2010
  • Thank you very much for your good work.It is one of the point of view about english.Not bad.I wil show it to my students .Some of my students will be glad.Ann

    Anna on 28 January, 2011
  • I played sound only to have the students listen for 1) various non-native accents & 2) what kinds of motivation other students find useful. Then we had a discussion about internal vs. external motivation. In addition, I pointed out that a reasonable goal is to be understood, as the students on the recording were. To sound like a native is not a reasonable goal.

    Anne on 28 February, 2011
  • I intend to show this video to my intermediate students (CEF B1) on the very first day of school and then start discussing their reasons and motivation to learn English. Thanks.

    Sara on 7 May, 2011
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  • Yes, I used this video with my A2 (pre interm) students, and we had a very good discussion on reasons for learning English. Great resource!

    Lucia Bodeman on 16 June, 2013