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Published on 11th February, 2010 in Teaching Tips by Frances Watkins

successStudents at all levels need to review spelling, and here are three suggestions, which can be adapted to suit your class. Practising spelling is also a clever way to enforce taught vocabulary, although students are often not aware of this.

These three ideas are great fillers, warmers or enders. As fillers they can be used to orientate students to the topic, e.g. choose words which students will know. As enders they can act as a review of lexis.

A simple way of revising spelling is to choose about eight words which have come up in recent lessons, having put students in pairs or threes. Spell out the words orally, but really quickly, one at a time, e.g. RABBIT. Repeat it again (and again) until a student calls out the answer (the whole word). If it’s correct, their team gets a point. Your students could also play this game in pairs or threes, choosing words they have studied in the lessons. However, give them a few moments to mentally say the spellings to themselves at speed, if necessary checking the letter sounds with you.

Don’t forget the technique of ‘de-vowelling’ words too: write the words on the board or on a hand-out, but de-vowel them, eg r _bb_t.

A spelling dictation is also a simple but worthwhile alternative. Start dictating a word relatively slowly (two to four seconds in between each letter), with students writing each letter down. The first student to guess which word you are spelling gets a point. They can get an extra point if they finish spelling the word accurately.

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  • It’d help students improve their pronunciation and additionally you may get them multiply words from a word.thanks for ur advice

    tufan on 17 February, 2010