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Review of Global Intermediate Coursebook

“Global is a general English coursebook available for different levels.  A teacher’s book, e-workbook, and regular workbook are also available for each level.  Upon flipping through the intermediate coursebook, I quickly realized that what made this book so different from other coursebooks is that the topics are actually interesting!  I found myself stopping to read bits –  a passage from The Life of Pi, Asimov’s laws of robotics, stats on the average UK man, famous doctored photographs, inventions & discoveries made by accident – definitely not your same old, tired coursebook topics. There are also functional language lessons that are a bit different as well – expressing sympathy, giving and accepting compliments, saying goodbye – topics my intermediate students may not have dealt with yet.  The book still has the jumbled, slightly crammed layout common to general coursebooks that love to put little bits of vocab, grammar, listening and speaking exercises all onto the same page. I’m not really a fan of this layout unless you’re teaching the book from cover to cover, as it’s hard to pull out and use just one page here and there.  But the topics are comprehensive enough and the functional lessons separate enough that you could find a way to use parts of the units as supplementary material in your classes.  And it would certainly be a great book to build a whole course around!”

Sherri Williams – reviewed for ELTABB Berlin, 2015

Review of Global Pre-intermediate. Read the whole review on

“What really impresses me about the Global series is the amount of obvious care and dedication that has gone into the creation of the materials. There are a huge number of possibilities for both the teacher and the student. The student has, alongside their coursebook, a beautifully presented eWorkbook that includes downloadable content so they can practice at a time and place that suits them. It is attractively presented and it is clear that the author and the publisher have very carefully considered what is required in a modern coursebook. The Global series is a huge step in the right direction, and its combination of a student-centred, contemporary and respectful approach with attractive and plentiful content should be a considerable influence on the coursebooks of the future.

James Taylor,, February 2011.

“I am now teaching my first compact course (21 learners, twice a week – 4 hours) in two courses over the whole winter semester: 60 hours in all, using Global Pre-intermediate. Last year I piloted it over 2 weeks (30 hours) in an intensive course. And I just love this book. It is perfect for my style of teaching: so many options, lovely graphics, interesting new information – even for the teacher. The students are perpetually active and involved and love it too.”

Sheila Gordon-Schroeder, Head of Department, English Language Teaching Centre, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Germany

English Speaking Union Award 2010 – Judges Comments:

“The first joint winner of the Award was the Macmillan Education entry – Global – which the judges felt was ‘ground-breaking and ambitious, a landmark course in recent English language teaching publishing’. In particular, the judges felt that the course materials, both in content and appearance, marked a significant shift from traditional coursebooks in the ‘stylish, sophisticated and mature’ approach to both teachers and learners. The content was comprehensive and treated teachers and learners with respect. The inclusion of essays on the role of English as a global lingua franca and the underlying methodology and pedagogy all served to treat learning as both serious and engaging. The scale of Global – six learning levels with multiple support components – reflects an ambition to establish the course as one of the major resources in the world of English language learning. The judges also noted that the overall design and appearance of the course was of ‘the highest standard and showed a level of quality unusual in educational books’. Finally, the judges commended the stated aim of Global: ‘Learn English, learn through English, learn about English'”

“The winner of the ESU President’s Award for 2010 is Global eWorkbook from Macmillan Education. The judging panel felt that this entry ‘stood head and shoulders above the field in its clean, fresh design; its user-friendliness and its ease of navigation’. The Global eWorkbook is part of a major new integrated course from Macmillan Education and it is clear that it reflects an investment and ambition to be a landmark resource in the world of English language learning. The judges felt that it showed ‘imagination in the range of exercises and good use of current digital techniques in how the learner used and interacted with the content’. It showed careful and thoughtful design, not least in the first and most important pre-requisite of digital media: an easy-to-read typeface. The features were ‘universally useful, helpful and attractive to learners, particularly the ability to record progress and download video and audio material’. The judges also felt that Global eWorkbook was ‘rich in good content and effective in the variety and flexibility of learning options for the learner’ and a worthy winner of the 2010 ESU President’s Award.”

“I wanted to add that I find unit 10 superb! It introduces the past tense forms of the verb “to be” smoothly and “recycles” language from previous untis (particularly adjectives) in a topic that appeals to most students: ancient civilizations. I also liked the fact that it includes a good deal of comprehensible listening input. In addition, Jackie`s visit to Cairo provides some excellent background and a slick introduction to “was” and “were” in questions. Last but not least, I liked how you round it off with the Global Travel Quiz.
I think one of the strengths of your book is the fact that it contains no babyish topics, situations or design. The student is “treated” as a real adult throughout the book and that may be the reason why I particularly like units 2 and 10.”

Max Orlando, International House Madrid, Spain

“One striking feature of Global is that it is completely ‘celebrity culture’ free. There are real images from the real world, which will help learners to question some of their assumptions and think in a more critical and objective way. An important component of the book is that the culture of the English language is also conveyed through references to classical literature. Aimed at adult learners, the well selected literature reflects the essential beauty of the English language and is able to trigger intense discussions among learners…
If you want to try something different, a textbook about global English for global learners, Global has my vote.”

Xiaobing Wang, IATEFL Global Issues SIG Newsletter, Spring 2011 Issue 26

Review of Global Pre-intermediate. Read the whole review on the Humanising Language Teaching Website.

“This course book is one in a series of a 6 level adult course which I am sure teachers will welcome. There are different ways of writing coursebooks and I believe the Macmillan writing team have cracked how to do it really well… it puts the best selling courses of the past in perspective and will surely make teachers choose Global for their adult learners…The secret of Global lies in a very good choice of texts, innovative activities, excellent artwork, technical support/blended learning and a brilliant teacher’s book, just to name some.”

Hanna Kryszewska, Humanising Language Teaching, Year 13; Issue 2; April 2011