The Global MLearning Sessions

Welcome to the MLearning sessions! These sessions aim to explore in detail this new and exciting area of education,  looking at how you can easily incorporate an element of MLearning into your classroom practice and, more importantly perhaps, how you can harness aspects of MLearning to enhance your students’ out of class learning of English. There are ten sessions and lots of ideas and samples. You can access each of the sessions and samples below.

The MLearning sessions go MOBILE!

These sessions are now available to download in full as an eBook – the ultimate in Mobile Learning! They are also quite large so you’ll need a good internet connection!




Android and Kindle versions coming soon!

Please note that not all functionality (videos and audio) will be available from the Kindle version. For the Android/ePub version the functionality will depend on the device through which it is being viewed and it may require an internet connection.

  • Session 1

    What is MLearning?

  • Session 2

    Getting Started

  • Session 3

    Using Downloaded Audio

  • Session 4

    Using downloadable and online video

  • Session 5

    Making the link with classwork

  • Session 6

    Apps reviewed

  • Session 7

    An MLearning Glossary

  • Session 8

    Bringing it all together

  • Session 9

    Critical questions about MLearning