Global journey

Published on 24th May, 2012 in Global Bloggers by Valentina Castellani

Each student has to leave at some point. Some stay for a few weeks, some stay for months. You see them from the start and you witness their progress. They learn about language, about culture, literature; but we as teachers have this amazing opportunity to learn from our students. We learn about their traditions, their countries … we embark on a journey together that will, eventually, make us better students and better teachers.

I do feel like my students today on their last day in class. When I first started writing these posts, it was a dark and cold January in Belfast. I’m writing my last post on a sunny Sunday in May, days are longer and summer, the busiest period of the year at IH Belfast, is coming fast. It’s been a journey that I shared with all of you who were kind enough to read my posts.

Using Global in class has surely made my students journey and mine more varied, more interesting, more up-to-date with today’s world. My students and I will continue our journey with Global, even if we won’t share it with all of you anymore.

I’ll be forever thankful for this incredible opportunity and all the support I received from the staff at Macmillan, the authors of Global and all of you who read and commented.

So here’s to Global and to my last post, happy summer everyone!


  • Ha, interesting. Here I am wandering through the cyber world when who do I find, an amazing teacher I went to war with during my DELTA days. I wonder if I’m still her favorite!?!

    All the best Vale!

    Robert Davis on 5 June, 2012
  • Yes of course you’re still my favorite!!!
    made me smile today seeing this comment 🙂
    thanks a million Rob!
    take good care!!

    Valentina on 6 June, 2012
  • I’m wondering if the Global Bloggers experiment is over – or are you simply having trouble finding new bloggers who use Global? I seem to remember a call for new bloggers not long ago, but can no longer find it.

    I’ve recently opened a small school in Italy and am using Global. It’s the most intelligent coursebook I’ve yet seen, and my favorite aspect of it is that the authors treat both teachers and learners as if they are capable of thinking for themselves about meaningful topics. What a relief! I’m also having a wonderful time building more free-form lessons from the extra activities in the e-Workbook.

    If you are still looking for new bloggers, I’d love to give it a shot.

    Marc Alan Di Martino on 30 November, 2012