Critical Eye eLessons

Visual literacy is an important part of a student’s skill set and part of greater critical analysis. This skill helps students look deeper into an image rather than taking it at face value, interrogating the source, the purpose and the perspective.

“Because of recent advances in digital technologies, we and our students now live in a world in which visual media and images play a more and more important role. Be it from our most favourite websites, online videos, photos, games, films or television shows the image or moving image plays an increasing role in shaping our opinions. Visual literacy is the ability to analyse images and uncover the messages they convey.  There are more and more voices in the field of English language teaching that say this kind of activity can be part of a language classroom (traditionally dominated by text), and that the use of images can act as a springboard for all sorts of productive language work.” Lindsay Clandfield, Global author


We’ve created a series of eLessons called ‘The Critical Eye’ for you to use in class. These are similar to traditional eLessons but the main focus of the lesson is prompted by an image.

You can now get access to all the Critical Eye eLessons through our extensive archives. Don’t forget that you also see the archive of all the eLessons here too.

Wordle: visual literacy

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